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Regina, Saskatchewan

Regina is the capital city of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. The city is the second-largest in the province and a cultural and commercial center for southern Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan’s agricultural and mineral resources have come into new demand, and it has entered a new period of strong economic growth.

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Mormon Population

On October 27, 2001 the Regina Saskatchewan Stake was created with E. Gregg Wood as the first stake president. In Canada there are 182,415 members, 47 stakes, 325 wards, 5 districts, 155 branches, 8 missions, 7 temples, and 163 Family History Centers.

LDS History

The first Latter Day Saint missionaries to preach outside of the United States preached in Upper Canada. Joseph Smith, Sr. and Don Carlos Smith — the first official Latter Day Saint missionaries to preach outside of the United States — visited Upper Canada in September 1830 and preached in villages north of the St. Lawrence River. The first stake to be established outside of the U.S. was the Alberta Stake and the Cardston Alberta Temple was the first church temple to be built outside of the current boundaries of the United States.

Family Friendliness

Situated in beauty, Regina offers plenty of recreation, arts, culture, sporting events and attractions all year round.

Regina Seskatchewan Temple

Regina Seskatchewan


According to the 2011 Canadian Census, the population of Regina is 193,100. The population density is 1,327.6 people per square km. The median age is 37.1 years old. Most residents in Regina speak English (98.1%), and a small number speak French (1.3%).


The average daily temperature for the year in Regina is 2.8 °C (37.0 °F). The lowest temperature ever recorded was −50.0 °C (−58.0 °F) on 1 January 1885, while the highest recorded temperature was 43.3 °C (109.9 °F) on 5 July 1937. Average annual precipitation is 388 mm (15.28 in) and is heaviest from June through August.

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