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Durham, North Carolina

Durham occupies a prime location in the heart of North Carolina and is a nexus for learning, achievement, creativity, research, and industry. Duke University is located in Durham. Over 7 million people come to enjoy a wealth of things to see and do including art places, entertainment & events, golf, history, nature & science places, and sports.

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Mormon Population

Mormons make up o.66% of the population of Durham. The state of North Carolina has 71,737 members in 15 stakes, 102 wards, 42 branches, 2 missions, and 1 temple in Raleigh.

LDS History

The first known missionary to enter North Carolina was Jedediah M. Grant. On 18 May 1838, he reported that he had preached for six months. On 12 July 1845, he had organized a conference of 200 members in seven branches. Little work was done in North Carolina until March 1868 when a Southern convert, Henry G. Boyle, reported that he had held 40 public meetings, baptized 30 members and organized the Surrey County Branch. The Southern States Mission was created on 9 October 1876 to include North Carolina. Anti-Mormon sentiment in North Carolina was occasionally strong. On 16 January 1906, a newly completed meetinghouse on Harker’s Island was burned, and the missionaries were driven out by a mob but after the turn of the century, public attitudes generally improved and missionaries were offered more freedom to preach.

Family Friendliness

Events include jazz festivals, plays, blues festivals, symphony concerts, art exhibitions, and a multitude of cultural expositions, including the American Dance Festival and the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival.

Raleigh NC Temple

23 miles S of Durham


It is the fourth-largest city in the state, and the 85th-largest in the United States by population, with 233,252 residents as of the 2011 United States census. Durham is a part of the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Combined Statistical Area, which has a population of 1,998,808.


The July high is around 89 degrees and the January low is 29. Durham, NC, gets 44 inches of rain per year. Snowfall is 5 inches. The number of days with any measurable precipitation is 104. On average, there are 220 sunny days per year in Durham, NC.

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