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Annapolis, Maryland

Annapolis is the capital of Maryland. The city was the temporary capital of the United States in 1783−1784 and the site of the Annapolis Peace Conference, held in November 2007, at the United States Naval Academy. Annapolis is the home of St. John’s College.

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Mormon Population

Mormons make up 0.71% of the population of Annapolis. In the state of Maryland there are 40,854 members in 8 stakes, 65 wards, 13 branches, 2 missions, and 1 temple.

LDS History

After a 10-hour debate with a Campbellite minister in Leitersburgh, Washington County, Latter-day Saint missionary Erastus Snow baptized 11 people. He began preaching in Maryland with three other missionaries in 1837. Snow baptized one convert, an 89-year-old man, after cutting through 18 inches of ice. In 1842, the Mormon Expositor, a Church paper, began printing for a time in Baltimore. Maryland’s Church activity slowed from 1844-99 when many Church members gathered west. In 1899, missionary work was reorganized in the state. The Church’s temple in Kensington is one of Maryland’s most prominent landmarks and was completed in 1974.

Family Friendliness

The U.S. Naval Academy, Maryland State House, William Paca House and Garden, Hammond-Harwood House, Chase-Lloyd House, Charles Carroll House, Historic Annapolis Foundation Museum, and Banneker-Douglass Museum are all within walking distance of downtown Annapolis.

Washington DC Temple

38 miles W of Annapolis in Kensington


About 38,394 people call Annapolis home. Annapolis and the Chesapeake Bay features three regions of distinct personalities. Annapolis City, the State Capital of Maryland, is world-renown as America’s Sailing Capital. The Annapolis Countryside, offers hundreds of miles of Chesapeake Bay shoreline and a wide array of American history.


The July high is around 88 degrees and the January low is 25. Annapolis, MD, gets 44 inches of rain per year. Snowfall is 11 inches. The number of days with any measurable precipitation is 110. On average, there are 208 sunny days per year in Annapolis, MD.

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