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Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The Baton Rouge area, also known as the “Capital City”, is located in the southeast portion of the state along the Mississippi River. The area owes its historical importance to its site upon Istrouma Bluff, the first bluff upriver from the Mississippi River Delta, which protects the city’s residents from flooding, hurricanes, and other natural disasters.

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Mormon Population

Mormons make up 0.87% of the population of Baton Rouge. The state of Louisiana has 27,119 members, 7 stakes, 32 wards, 17 branches, 1 mission, and 1 temple.

LDS History

New Orleans became the principal port of arrival for Latter-day Saints from Europe by November 1841. Over the next few years, 17,463 individuals immigrated by way of this port city. From 1844 to 1855, the New Orleans and Lafayette branch functioned in New Orleans, when New York became the port of arrival for the church immigrants due to outbreaks of major epidemics. No other known missionary efforts was done in Louisiana until February 16, 1896 when missionaries were assigned to the Louisiana Conference, which was part of the Southern States Mission. Joseph A. Cornwall arrived in Louisiana on September 10 of that year. By the end of 1897, he and his companions had baptized their first converts.

Family Friendliness

Baton Rouge buzzes with the energy of youth while holding fast to its traditions in Southern lifestyle and historic sites. Be sure to USS Kidd floating museum to the ultra-contemporary Shaw Center for the Arts, which clusters an art museum, gallery spaces, theaters and restaurants in the heart of downtown.

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

18 miles SE of downtown Baton Rouge



About 229,493 people call Baton Rouge home. Baton Rouge is a major industrial, petrochemical, medical, and research center of the American South. The Port of Baton Rouge is the ninth largest in the United States in terms of tonnage shipped, and is the farthest upstream Mississippi River port capable of handling Panamax ships.


The July high is around 91 degrees and the January low is 41. Baton Rouge, LA, gets 68 inches of rain per year. Snowfall is 0 inches. The number of days with any measurable precipitation is 116. On average, there are 214 sunny days per year in Baton Rouge, LA.

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