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Yuma, Arizona

Founding fathers of Yuma immediately saw the natural crossing of the Colorado River as an ideal spot for a city, as the Colorado River narrows to slightly under 1,000 feet wide in one small point.

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Mormon Population

Mormons make up 3.3% of the population in Yuma. Arizona has 381,235 members in 794 Congregations in Arizona, with 4 missions and 6 temples.

LDS History

As early as 1856 the newly formed Republican Party linked slavery and polygamy as the “twin relics of barbarism,” and supported the passage of the Morrill Anti-Bigamy Act in 1862. In the mid-1880’s, twelve prominent, Mormon leaders were convicted under this latest statute and nine were imprisoned at the Yuma Territorial Prison. This era in the history of the Yuma Territorial Prison was short-lived. By 1890, the LDS Church issued the Manifesto, which banned plural marriage.

Family Friendliness

Yuma contains the historical Yuma Territorial Prison, the Yuma Quartermaster Depot State Historic Park, and a historic downtown area. Every February Yumans enjoy the annual Yuma Jaycees Silver Spur Rodeo. A parade opens the events. Cowboys and cowgirls from all over the country compete in the festivities.

Mesa Arizona Temple

191 miles NE of Yuma


Yuma is located in the southwestern corner of the state, and the population of the city is 93,064. More than 85,000 retirees make Yuma their winter residence. Yuma is center of the fourth largest metropolitan area in Arizona. It is located near the borders of California and Mexico. The earliest Arizona earthquakes were recorded at Fort Yuma.


Humidity is usually low except during what are called “gulf surges”, when a moist air mass from the Gulf of California is drawn northward, usually in connection with the summer monsoon or the passage of a tropical storm to the south. Yuma is the hottest city in the United States. The July high is around 107 degrees and the January low is 44.

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